Where Is Mushkpuri Mountain Situated In Pakistan?

Where is mushkpuri mountain situated in Pakistan = Nathia Gali Hills

where is mushkpuri mountain situated in pakistan

If you’re looking for a spectacular mountain view, you should visit the Mushkpuri Mountain, located in the Nathia Gali Hills. This second-highest peak in the Gilgit Region is a popular trekking destination. The trip to the mountain is safe and easy, and you’ll enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding region. The trail starts near the Pines Hotel, so you’ll have to take it slow.

Location of Mukshpuri Mountain

Mukshpuri Mountain is an impressive 2,800-metre peak in the Nathia Gali Hills, about 90 kilometers north of Islamabad. It’s the second highest peak in the Gilgit Region, after Miranjani. This mountain is covered in western Himalayan subalpine conifer forest, which is also the predominant vegetation in the region. It offers spectacular views of Islamabad, Circle Bakote, and the Jhelum River, and it’s also a popular hiking destination in the area.

Best For Hiking

The Mushkpuri mountain is a popular hiking destination. It offers a beautiful, scenic vista of the Jhelum River and is the second highest peak in the Gilgit region after Miranjani. The entire mountain is covered with a western Himalayan subalpine conifer forest. The trails from Ayyubia to Dunga Gali are well-maintained and easy to walk.

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