Fahad Ahmed Warsi

Muhammad Faraz Khan

Founders of findurdu.com

findurdu.com is a multi-dimensional online dictionary created by a group of two Pakistani young geeks (Fahad Ahmed Warsi and Muhammad Faraz Khan). They are the driving force behind this ground-breaking initiative. On Jan 20, 2022, findurdu.com began its adventure. findurdu.com has quickly become popular among online readers thanks to its user-friendly interface and value-added features. It is currently gaining popularity around the country. Please visit findurdu.com to see the wonders of findurdu.com.

What is your area of expertise?

It gives the meaning of a word in a matter of seconds. findurdu.com can look up meanings of English in Urdu, Roman, and Hindi. It has a feature named “Pronunciation” that is unique. We browse a lot of webpages and come across a lot of unfamiliar terminology while doing so. To utilise this feature, simply copy any text from anywhere and paste it into the “Read Content” tab; a page containing the text will appear. The user will then just double-click on any unknown term to view its definition. It is a simple procedure that allows a user to learn a large number of new word definitions in a short period of time.

What distinguishes findurdu.com from other online dictionaries?

The main distinction is that other dictionaries are just that: dictionaries. However, findurdu.com is a website that enables readers to read any material more easily by providing definitions for unfamiliar words.

What is the user-friendliness of it?

It’s incredibly simple to use. The average time it takes for a page to load is less than a second. And if someone wants to know the meaning of a word, all they have to do is type it into the input box and push the search button; the definition will show instantly. If the user misspells a term, our system corrects it for him and gives him the correct meaning. It also provides English to English word definitions, eliminating the need for the user to look for English to English definitions in another dictionary.

Findurdu.com is providing a free ESL education for Urdu and Hindi speakers to its users. The course is divided into three components.


This section not only covers grammar, but also shows how to use common words and expressions in everyday situations. This module is broken down into 100 units, each of which includes a video lesson and a quiz at the end of the session to assess your understanding.


When you speak, the first thing people notice is your pronunciation. You will see phrases or sentences on your screen in the pronunciation area, and you will have to say those words. As you study, the clever text-to-speech algorithm will assess your pronunciation and gradually raise the difficulty of words/sentences.


With the use of instructive illustrations and sample sentences, the vocabulary section makes learning English vocabulary simple and enjoyable. Visual vocabulary quizzes are a fun way to test your knowledge while learning new words.