Where Did Muhammad Bin Qasim Anchor In 712?

Where Did Muhammad Bin Qasim Anchor In 712? = Hindu kingdom of Sindh.

Where Did Muhammad Bin Qasim Anchor In 712

In 712, Muslim jihadists led by Muhammad bin Qasim conquered the Hindu kingdom of Sindh. The invasion came about after he defeated the Brahman King Raja Dahir. He served as the governor of Sindh and died in Mosul. The body of Qasim was buried in Balochistan. The location of his grave is uncertain.

Life Of Muhammad Bin Qasim

Born in 695 AD, Muhammad bin Qasim was a member of the Saqqafi tribe, which had come from the Arabian city of Taif. His mother raised him, and his uncle used him for various purposes. In 712, he was appointed as secretary of state and was close to Hajjaj bin Yousuf, the Muslim conqueror of Persia. The popular tradition portrays him as the son-in-law of Hajjaj bin Yousuf.

Muhammad Bin Qasim’s Forst Campaign

Muhammad bin Qasim’s first campaign took place in Debal and Shiras. In a show of strength, he defeated the forces of the Buddhist Raja Dahir. 6000 Syrian camel cavalries supported his army. Five catapults accompanied the Arab army, and they swept across the country. They defeated the rebellion in Debal and took over the city of Siwistan, which they occupied without opposition.

Where did Muhammad bin Qasim anchor in 712?

In 712, Muhammad Bin Qasim led the first invasion of Sindh. He fought the last Hindu ruler of the region, Raja Dahir, and won the battle of Error. The Muslim jihadis took over the entire nation, and the Muslims ruled in a new era.

The Arab Muslim army commanded by Muhammad bin Qasim was able to conquer the Hindu kingdom of Sindh. He seized the Hindu territories in the city by a large margin. He was also the first Muslim to conquer the province of Sind. The Arabs had ruled it since the beginning of the seventh century. Nevertheless, there was no way to stop him from destroying the rest of the Middle East.

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