Who Was The Lead Vocalist In Awaz Musical Band?

Who Was The Lead Vocalist In Awaz Musical Band = Haroon Rashid

who was the lead vocalist in awaz musical band

Awaz was a Pakistani pop band that formed in Islamabad in 1992. The band was led by lead vocalist Haroon Rashid, who was soon joined by keyboardist Faakhir Mehmood and lead guitarist Asad Ahmed. They later changed their name to Awaz and are still active today. They released numerous hits including their acclaimed song “I Feel the Same Way.”

Awaz The Band

Awaz was a famous Pakistani rock band that merged western and eastern music. The album “Shola” featured songs from both cultures, but with a twist. In addition to rock, the group had classical Indian and Persian pieces. The band’s most recent release was an instrumental piece titled “Say You Love Me” which infused more of the western style of music with the band’s classical eastern sounds.

Awaz’s music video and debut album were both commercial successes in Pakistan. The single “Janeman” was a hit on MTV and made the band the first Pakistani band to get a spot on the show. The songs on the album were composed and produced by lead vocalist Haroon Rashid. The lyrics were written by Sarmed Mirza. In 1995, the band released their self-titled debut album, which contained hit songs like “Jadoo Ka Charagh” and the single “Shawa”.

History of Awaz

In 2009, Awaz toured with Vital Signs in England. Rizwan-ul-Haq left Vital Signs to join Awaz, and Aamir Zaki replaced him. The band broke up before the final tour. He has remained as the lead vocalist ever since. Awaz is a legendary group in the Pakistani music scene.

The lead vocalist of Aawaaz is Jai Taneja. He founded the band in 2014 and has been active in the Pakistani music scene since. Awaz is known for their energetic performances and songwriting. Their debut album, “Janeman”, was one of the first South Asian bands to have a MTV appearance. Awaz has also released several albums since then, with two more being released in 2016 and 2017.

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