What Kansas City Name Means Potato In The Kansa Language?

What Kansas City Name Means Potato In The Kansa Language? = Topeka

What does Kansas City mean in the Kansa language? Topeka is the state capital and county seat of Shawnee County. Its name comes from three Native American words. To is short for “potato” and pekae means “dig.” Hence, the city’s name refers to a good place to dig potatoes. The name also includes references to the topek, an Eskimo dwelling made of other material than snow, a roof that is often made of seal or walrus skins, and a house that is partially underground.

Place Of Digging Potatoes

The Kansa-Osage word topeka means “place of digging potatoes”. It is an ancient Indian word that means “good place for digging potatoes.” The name Topeka first appeared in the early nineteenth century as the Kansa name for the Kansas River. The city’s founders chose this name because it was evocative of the prairie potato and was novel and euphonious. The name was chosen by resident agent of the New England Emigrant Aid Company, Charles Robinson. The city’s founders were anti-slavery men who wanted to make a place for their families and to fight against slavery. In 1854, the Kansas-Nebraska Act passed.

History Of Kanas City

Topeka was also a name for several confederated bands in the nineteenth century, all of which recognized a common progenitor and shared many customs. In 1826, the city was named Topeka after the Kansas River. The founders of the city chose the name because it was evocative and novel. The antislavery movement was also supported in the town, which was later chartered as a city in 1857.

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