Noor Mahal Was Built On Which Type Of Architecture?

Noor Mahal Was Built On Which Type Of Architecture? = Neoclassical architecture with Islamic design.

Noor Mahal Was Built On Which Type Of Architecture

What kind of architecture was Noor Mahal built on? Known for its elaborate and ornate design, this palace was created by a British engineer in 1872 for the Nawab of Bahawalpur. The structure combines elements of neoclassical architecture with Islamic design. The majority of the materials used were imported from England. A map of the state and gold coins were buried in the foundation.

About Owner of the Noor Mahal

The Noor Mahal was built by Nawab Sadiq Khan-IV, also known as the Shahjahan of Bahawalpur. The royal residence was built near the Basti Maluk graveyard, where the royal family would gather. Later, it served as a guest house for local noble families. It was also used as a state court and cabinet meeting hall. In addition, the Noor was built in a large garden.

During its construction, the Nawab Sadiq Khan-IV used the materials of rice and pulses. The structure is a stunning example of Mughal architecture. Its unique shape is reminiscent of the Taj Mahal in India. As the name suggests, the Noor was built on what type of architecture. It is one of the most famous structures in the world.

Who Design Noor Mahal?

It was designed by the award-winning design firm Ozone Design. A team of Indian and foreign firms was involved in the project, including Amey Kamath and Rajiv Mehra. Choudhary oversaw the interior design. The Noor Mahal was built in the Mughal and Rajputana schools of architecture.

The Noor Mahal was constructed in a beautiful garden. Its five domes and six verandas were built to provide space for visitors. The Noor Mahal was also a guest house for noble families. It served as a state court throughout its life and was used by the Nawab for cabinet meetings. It was later transformed into a palace designed to look like a castle.

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