Underutilize meaning in urdu

Underutilizeناکافی طور پر استعمال کرنا

Underutilize Meaning In Roman

UnderutilizeKam istemal Karna

Underutilize Meaning In Hindi

Underutilizeकम उपयोग



Synonyms/Similar Words

  • Wasted
  • not used well
  • wasted
  • underused
  • misspent

Antonyms/Opposite Words

  • overuse
  • untapped

In a sentence, the word ‘Underutilize’ is used as:

  1. In the end, the VMU was a device that was underutilised.
  2. It strengthens underutilized muscles in the legs and relieves stress in the feet, ankles, back, and joints by boosting leg activity.
  3. As I have stated, human potential is the most underutilised resource in the universe.
  4. Because it’s easy to select fabric tones that compliment your skin tone, shopping by colour is also an underappreciated and underutilised feature of this online store.
  5. So I’m pleased to report that the “Share Your Experience” option was underutilised, implying that society is doing a better job of serving the needs of people with autism.
  6. Half of employees believe their abilities are being underutilised.

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