Thwart Meaning In Urdu

Thwartناکام بنادینا

Thwart Meaning In Roman

ThwartNakaam Bana Dena

Thwart Meaning In Hindi




Synonyms/Similar Words

  • prevent
  • ruin
  • stop
  • hinder
  • frustrate
  • spoil
  • obstruct
  • impede
  • foil

Antonyms/Opposite Words

  • abet
  • aid
  • allow
  • assist
  • encourage
  • facilitate
  • help
  • support

In a sentence, the word Thwart is used as:

  1. He tethered the fish to the bow and stern, as well as the middle thwart.
  2. To some extent, his desire for vengeance had thwarted success in the taxing battle.
  3. To thwart federal investigators, the accounting company purposefully destroyed papers.
  4. He accused Kremlin hawks of plotting to prolong the conflict in order to boost their own influence and thwart his plans.
  5. A sustainable comeback may be thwarted by shrinking grazing grounds and a lack of investment in fodder trees.
  6. We must thwart his nefarious plans.

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