Shinwari Karahi Is A Dish Of Which Province?

Shinwari Karahi Is A Dish Of Which Province? = Kohat

Shinwari Karahi Is A Dish Of Which Province

The Shinwari mutton karahi is one of the most popular dishes in Pakistan. This dish is a classic, easy-to-make recipe that preserves the meat’s natural flavor. It is the most common dish served during weddings and feasts and is enjoyed by everyone. The ingredients include one kg of mutton, fresh ground ginger-garlic paste, salt, five or six green chilies, and water.

Where Does Shinwari Karahi Originate?

Shinwari karahi is steamed lamb with a touch of salt. This dish originated in Kohat, 60 km south of Peshawar. It became famous in the city. Imposters of the plate tried to replicate it, but their food was so popular that many restaurants opened up in the area. The cuisine of the Shinwari region is made from salt and lamb fat.

The Shinwari karahi is primarily a meat dish. It is a popular meal of the Shinwari people. Karahi is served in the north-western frontier province. It is filled with mutton, but sometimes mutton is preferred in the southeast. When you visit this food, you will be sure to enjoy the unique and tasty taste.

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