Mortgage Meaning In Urdu

Mortgageگروی رکھنا

Mortgage Meaning In Roman

MortgageGirwi Rakhna

Mortgage Meaning In Hindi




Synonyms/Similar Words

  • contract
  • debt
  • deed
  • pledge
  • title
  • homeowner’s loan

Antonyms/Opposite Words

  • unsecured bond
  • repulsion
  • detach
  • unconnectedness

In a sentence, the word Mortgage is used as:

  1. They were having difficulty obtaining a mortgage.
  2. To cover the mortgage, your father purchased insurance.
  3. Defaults on mortgage have increased in the recent year.
  4. Mortgage rates were ten percent higher than they are now.
  5. The mortgage must be paid in monthly installments.
  6. Make the switch to a direct debit mortgage payment.

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