Anxiety Meaning in Urdu

Anxietyبے چینی, الجھن, پریشانی

Anxiety Meaning In Roman Urdu

AnxietyBechaini, Uljhan, Pareshani

Anxiety Meaning In Hindi

Anxietyबेचैनी, उल्झान, परेशानी



Synonyms/Similar Words of Anxiety

  • worry
  • concern
  • apprehension
  • apprehensiveness
  • consternation
  • uneasiness
  • unease
  • fearfulness
  • fear
  • disquiet
  • disquietude
  • perturbation

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Anxiety

  • calmness
  • serenity

In a sentence, the word ‘Anxiety’ is used as:

  1. Her gentle voice was tinged with anxiety.
  2. She was overcome by a feeling other than anxiety.
  3. Her anxiety grew with every mile they got closer to the ranch.
  4. Maybe I’ve gotten better at hiding my anxiety.
  5. Nonetheless, the anxiety now outnumbers the delight.

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