Indeed Meaning in Urdu

Indeedیقیناً, بے شک

Indeed Meaning In Roman Urdu

IndeedBeshak, Yaqeenan

Indeed Meaning In Hindi




Synonyms/Similar Words of Indeed

  • to be sure
  • in fact
  • in point of fact
  • as a matter of fact
  • in truth

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Indeed

  • doubtfully
  • dubiously
  • indefinite
  • questionably

In a sentence, the word ‘Indeed’ is used as:

  1. The cost of the meal was quite high In fact, it was very expensive.
  2. They were shouting quite loudly.
  3. The fish was extremely delicious in fact.
  4. “Bill Gates is very wealthy..”Yes indeed, very rich.’
  5. “It’s very hot here today.’ “It’s true.’
  6. John was really good today.’ ‘He did *indeed*.’
  7. Did you have a win? ‘We did, *indeed*.’

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