Bristol Meaning in Urdu

Bristolدریائے ایون کے منہ کے قریب جنوب مغربی انگلینڈ میں ایک صنعتی شہر اور بندرگاہ۔

Bristol Meaning In Roman Urdu

BristolDariyae Avon K Muh K Qareeb Ek Sanati Shehar

Bristol Meaning In Hindi

Bristolएवन नदी के मुहाने के पास दक्षिण-पश्चिमी इंग्लैंड में एक औद्योगिक शहर और बंदरगाह।



Synonyms/Similar Words of Bristol

  • charlies
  • chichis
  • jug
  • jugs
  • norks
  • tit

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Bristol

In a sentence, the word ‘Bristol’ is used as:

  1. In 1733, he was made rector of St James’s, Westminster, and in 1735, he was made bishop of Bristol.
  2. The Lower Avon, sometimes known as the Bristol Avon, rises on the eastern slope of Gloucestershire’s Cotteswold Hills, receiving water from various streams south of Tetbury and east of Malmesbury.
  3. In 1800, he moved to Westbury, near Bristol, and began determining star positions using a fine altitude and a 22-foot azimuth circle.
  4. The cliffs and trees had been so badly desecrated by quarries that public outrage grew, and a “Avon Gorge Committee” was formed in 1904 to report to Bristol’s city council on the possibilities of conserving the area’s natural beauty.

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