Ya Razzaq Meaning in Urdu

Ya Razzaqاللہ کی رضا، اے سب کو رزق دینے والے۔

Ya Razzaq Meaning In Roman Urdu

Ya RazzaqAllah Ki Raza, Ae Sab Ko Rizq Dene Walay.

Ya Razzaq Meaning In Hindi

Ya Razzaqअल्लाह की तसल्ली, हे सबसे कोमल।

Every person’s essential needs are food and money. ALLAH is the only one who can give it to everyone on the planet. Those who chant Ya Razzaqu will have an abundance of rizq. All Muslim difficulties will be solved and all obstacles will be removed with the blessing of this wonderful name Ya Razzaq. Those looking for a job to earn rizq will benefit greatly from the Wazifa of Ya Razzaqo.

Increase in Rizq Wazifa: 

Recite Ya Razzaqu 1100 times daily after Fajar Namaz, and Allah will give you more rizq than you think. Also, recite Ya Razzaqu as much as you can, and your financial situation will improve quickly. Another way to boost your rizq is to read Ya Razzaqu 23 times every morning when you get out of bed and 23 times every night when you retire to bed, and make this a daily habit.

Wazifa To Reduce/Finish/Remove Poverty In English:

If happiness is a decent financial situation, and if someone wants to be happy and get out of poverty, they should read Ya Razzaq 3100 times in a single day after the esha prayer. If a person cannot recite Asma ul Husna 3100 times in a day, he can recite Ya Razzaqu 41 times at each corner of his house before the fajar prayer and repeat this process for a year.

Solution to Money Troubles:

If a person has financial problems and no way out, reciting Ya Razzaq for 21000 times in forty days will aid him and solve his financial problems.


A person who recites Ya Razzaq 797 times a day after each prayer and makes it a habit will have prosperity in his wealth, and ALLAH will provide him with enough so that he will not be reliant on others.

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