Ya Lateefu Meaning in Urdu

Ya Lateefuاللہ کی تعظیم، اے سب سے زیادہ نرمی والے۔

Ya Lateefu Meaning In Roman Urdu

Ya LateefuAllah Ki Tazeem, Ae Sab Se Zyada Narmi Walay.

Ya Lateefu Meaning In Hindi

Ya Lateefuअल्लाह की तसल्ली, हे सबसे कोमल।

Allah is kind, and He is especially compassionate toward His people. He is gentle with them. His delicacy and kindness are unrivalled. Physicians received philosophy, scholars received knowledge, archaeology received sainthood, and prophets received prophetship. Piety received judgement, and intelligents received sense. It signifies that Allah bestows His gifts on those who are capable of receiving them. Latif can also refer to something that can only feel but not touch. Allah is Lateef because He cannot be touched with the hand and cannot be seen with the eyes, similar to how a flower’s scent cannot be touched but can be felt. We can only sense Allah’s presence and benefits but not touch them because He is Lateef. The following are some of Ya Lateefu’s advantages:

To Make a Better Proposal Wazifa for Wish:

Ya Latifu is highly useful for love marriage or a good proposal. Recite Ya-Lateefo 12900 times daily for 40 days for a good proposal.

For the Solution of Every Problem:

Ya Lateefu is also good for the solution of every problem. If a person recites Ya Latifu 129 times in a day after every prayer, all of his problems will be solved and all of his needs will be met.

Incurable Diseases:

For the treatment of incurable diseases, say Ya Latifu 11000 times for 11 days and then blow in a glass of water and drink it. With the graces of Holy Name Ya Lateefu, the sufferer will quickly recover.

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