Ya Jabbaru Meaning in Urdu

Ya Jabbaruاللہ کی خوشنودی، اے بگڑے کام بنانے والے

Ya Jabbaru Meaning In Roman Urdu

Ya JabbaruAe Bigday Kam Banane Walay

Ya Jabbaru Meaning In Hindi

Ya Jabbaruऐ बिगड्राय काम बनने वाले

Reciting Ya Jabbaru on a regular basis might give you the upper hand against animosity and opposition from your rivals if you are under pressure from your foes or rivals and there appears to be no way out of your dilemma.


Ya Jabbaru is the most lethal weapon for destroying black magic.


InshaAllah, all black magic effects and djinn problems will vanish if you recite Ya Jabbaru 4000 times for eleven days straight.

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