Ya Fattahu Meaning in Urdu

Ya Fattahuکامیابی کا عطا کرنے والا

Ya Fattahu Meaning In Roman Urdu

Ya FattahuKamiyabi Ka Atta Karne Wala.

Ya Fattahu Meaning In Hindi

Ya Fattahuसफलता का दाता

Ya Fattahu Wazifa 3 Zikrullah Advantages

The Success Granter, The Opener, The Revealer

All of them are opened by Allah al-Fattah. Nothing is off limits to Allah’s beloved servant, for whom al-Fattah opens all doors. No amount of force can keep those doors shut. However, if Allah does not open the doors to His benefits, no force will be able to open them. He holds the key to the human heart, Allah’s own own home, which contains a treasure trove of precious knowledge.

The One who adjudicates and reveals. The one who unlocks what has been shut. The one who will decide what will be opened.

The One who directs the opening of what was before closed and the clarification of what was previously unclear. 

The One who untangles the tangles and softens the rigid. The One who never fails to show mercy and goodness.

The one who bestows victory to others. The one who makes achievement possible. The one who has the keys to triumph and success in his hands. The One who offers the answer to all of life’s troubles.

Ya Fattahu Wazifa has the following benefits:

1-The heart of the person who performs this Zikrullah Ya Fattahu Wazifa will be opened, and he will be granted victory.

2-After morning prayers, it is recommended that those who really seek to cleanse their hearts from imagination, mischief, egoism, rage, and other dirt press their right palm over their hearts and repeat ya Fattahu 70 times.

3-Whoever recites Ya-Fattahu’ 500 times after Fajr prayer by placing his hands on his breast would, insha’Allah, have his heart lit with the holy light (Noor) of Imaan.

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