With respect to Meaning in Urdu

With respect toکے حوالے سے

With respect to Meaning In Roman Urdu

With respect toKay hawale Se

With respect to Meaning In Hindi

With respect toइसके संबंध में

With respect to


Synonyms/Similar Words of With respect to

  • respecting
  • about
  • as regards
  • as to
  • in regard to
  • in relation to
  • with reference to
  • with regard to

Antonyms/Opposite Words of With respect to

In a sentence, the word ‘With respect to’ is used as:

  1. Was it scientifically sound with respect to obesity?
  2. He patted himself on the back for his composure and reasonableness with respect to the tiny folk.
  3. So, how many traders have been sentenced to prison with respect to this corruption?
  4. The most significant distinction is with respect to trade.
  5. We appreciate that some people with respect to danger.

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