Who Is The Lead Guitarist In Junoon Band?

Who Is The Lead Guitarist In Junoon Band = Salman Ahmad

Who Is The Lead Guitarist In Junoon Band

Who is Salman Ahmad, lead guitarist of the rock band Junoon? This American musician was born in Pakistan and is an activist, physician, and professor at City University of New York. The guitarist’s role in the band is essential for the group’s sound and he is known to have an unusual approach to songwriting. The guitarist’s distinctive style is a trademark of the band.

The lead guitarist of Junoon is Salman Ahmed. The band’s sound is unique and their live shows are often sold out events. One of their most memorable concerts took place in Dubai in April 2018. The concert attracted nearly 20,000 fans, who were impressed with the music. Their music is a must-see for any music lover. In addition, the band’s chemistry with their fans is second to none.

History of Junoon

While Junoon has been on the road for several years, they recently reunited for a sold-out show in Karachi. In addition to their live performances, their new album, Azadi, has gone platinum in record time. The band’s new album, “Zanzibar”, is due to be released soon. Those who have listened to the group’s music may be surprised to learn that this man was recruited by Salman Ahmad as the lead singer.

Since the band’s formation, Salman has been at the forefront of junooni explorations. His recent work recalls modern-day mushaira, and his collaboration with qawwali master Rahat Fateh Ali Khan on the track “Gharya”. His career is not solely rock and roll either. He is also an accomplished composer. He has collaborated with artists as diverse as Melissa Etheridge and Peter Gabriel, as well as promoting some younger artists.

Junoon’s first album, Talaash, was a hit in Pakistan. It reached platinum status in only four weeks. It was also a huge hit in the Middle East and South Asia, with Sayonee hitting #1 on MTV Asia for two months. The band’s popularity grew as it spread across the world. The band has been on the music scene for nearly a decade now, and they have been successful in every country they’ve visited.

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