What 1994 Crime Film Revitalized John Travolta’s Career?

What 1994 Crime Film Revitalized John Travolta’s Career? = ‘The Experts

What 1994 Crime Film Revitalized John Travolta’s Career

If there is one film that revitalized John Travolta’s career, it is the ’94 crime film, ‘The Experts.’ The remake was a box office flop and took just $10 million in the United States. The movie was shot in 1987 and was delayed by Paramount for two years. It was a commercial and critical flop, and it did not earn much money.

About John Travolta’s Success

The film also helped Travolta earn a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. Originally called ‘Moose,’ the movie earned positive reviews and grossed 72 million dollars in the US. This is one of the few John Travolta films that critics and fans have praised. The actor has been welcomed back countless times since the film’s release. His success in The Forger has led him to a role in the critically acclaimed action movie “Get Shorty.”

The film was a box office success, which led to several other successful projects. This included a co-starring role in the 1994 thriller “Pulp Fiction” with Michael Pitt. In a Valley of Violence, a revenge-driven Western directed by Ti West, Travolta also appeared in the independent action/drama ‘Life On the Line, co-starring Kate Bosworth and David Hackl.

The ‘Criminal Activities’ biopic was a huge hit, earning Travolta his second acting Oscar nomination in 1995. It was an excellent comeback for the actor and a perfect vehicle for his first lead role in a notable crime film. He is currently working on four feature films in 2019. He starred in ‘Criminal Activities’ co-starring Michael Pitt.

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