Water Resistant Meaning in Urdu

Water Resistantکچھ حد تک پانی کے دخول کے خلاف مزاحمت کرنے کے قابل لیکن مکمل طور پر نہیں۔

Water Resistant Meaning In Roman Urdu

Water ResistantPani Ko Kuch der Tak Bahar Rokne K Qabil Koi Cheez

Water Resistant Meaning In Hindi

Water Resistantकुछ हद तक पानी के प्रवेश का विरोध करने में सक्षम लेकिन पूरी तरह से नहीं।

Water Resistant


Synonyms/Similar Words of Water Resistant

  • airtight
  • dense
  • hermetic
  • impassable
  • impervious
  • leak-proof
  • nonporous
  • sealed

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Water Resistant

  • absorbent
  • porous
  • leaky

In a sentence, the word ‘Water Resistant’ is used as:

  1. This blanket comes in a traditional navy blue, black, and forest green plaid with a water resistant nylon backing.
  2. Over water resistant levelling screeds, the AltroProof Eco system can be utilised with vinyl floorcovering.
  3. This results in a soft, water resistant sheen.
  4. The standard bivvy is made of 6 ounces of breathable nylon and is extremely water resistant.
  5. It is not water resistant, however spray-on proofers can make it more water-resistant (these sometimes darken the material ).

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