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Synonyms/Similar Words of Virgin

  • celibate
  • virgo intacta
  • vestal

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Virgin

  • matron
  • married woman
  • strumpet
  • whore
  • prostitute
  • bawd

In a sentence, the word ‘Virgin’ is used as:

  1. She was a virgin until she was thirty years old.
  2. I’m a virgin in the laundry room.
  3. The album features a guest appearance by Phil Collins, courtesy of Virgin Records.
  4. I was a virgin until the age of thirty.
  5. They ploughed almost 100,000 acres of virgin moorland.
  6. Virgin Records signed the band.
  7. The album was released on the Virgin label.
  8. Do you still believe he’s a virgin?
  9. They signed with Virgin not long after.
  10. Have you ever visited a virgin forest?

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