Uber meaning in Urdu

Uberانتہائی یا حد سے زیادہ حد تک مخصوص معیار کا ہونا

Uber Meaning In Roman Urdu

UberIntehai ya had se zada makhsoos hona

Uber Meaning In Hindi

Uberअत्यधिक या अत्यधिक डिग्री के लिए निर्दिष्ट गुणवत्ता होना



Synonyms/Similar Words of Uber

  • particularly
  • especially
  • exceptionally
  • really
  • uncommonly
  • unusually
  • decidedly
  • extra
  • extremely
  • very

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Uber

  • little
  • negligibly
  • nominally
  • slightly
  • somewhat

In a sentence, the word ‘Uber’ is used as:

  1. As a collab co-op, thanks to Hubby’s uber flamboyant art. There’s finally a shop for eagle collectors and rock hound prospectors, 48 years later!
  2. A francophone pop song that is uber sophisticated and tells a storey about love and the feeling you get in your gut when you’re in love.
  3. This was exacerbated when Ronnie Burns was given the boot and sent to Adelaide to join Wayne Carey, the national uber scapegoat-in-waiting.
  4. After its inventor, Don Nguyen, had had enough, the uber addictive game was removed from app stores.
  5. I’d compare Bane to Vegeta; he’s undeniably uber, but he’s never more powerful than Goku, despite the fact that Goku is Luke.

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