sus Meaning in Urdu

susیہ تاثر دینا کہ کوئی چیز قابل اعتراض یا بے ایمان ہے۔ مشکوک

sus Meaning In Roman Urdu


sus Meaning In Hindi

susयह धारणा देना कि कुछ संदिग्ध या बेईमान है; संदेहजनक।



Synonyms/Similar Words of sus

  • apprehensive
  • careful
  • cautious
  • doubtful
  • incredulous
  • jealous
  • leery
  • mistrustful
  • skeptical

Antonyms/Opposite Words of sus

  • believing
  • careless
  • certain
  • confident
  • convinced
  • heedless
  • inattentive
  • incautious
  • rash

In a sentence, the word ‘sus’ is used as:

  1. All kinds of natural treasures are given to Sus as a coveted neighbourhood, yet it’s possible that they’re overblown.
  2. The friction has been substantially reduced by sliding the draw doors, or sluice-gates, on each side against a vertical surface. A cal row of free-rollers is sus pended by an encircling / chain, and FIG.
  3. Araucania y sus habitantes (Santiago, 1846); de Ginoux, “Le Chili et les Araucans,” in Bull.
  4. Caravans from Sus are sent to Marrakesh, four days’ journey from Tarudant, bearing copperware, olive oil, butter, saffron, wax, skins, dates, dried flowers, and other goods.
  5. Little pigs were gone like a shot from there, almost without aliento, with the lobo paid to sus talones.

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