Sophisticated Meaning in Urdu

Sophisticatedپرکشش, عیار

Sophisticated Meaning In Roman Urdu

SophisticatedPurkashish, Ayyar.

Sophisticated Meaning In Hindi




Synonyms/Similar Words of Sophisticated

  • mature
  • practical
  • refined
  • worldly
  • bored
  • citified
  • cool
  • cultivated
  • disenchanted
  • disillusioned

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Sophisticated

  • inexperienced
  • unrefined
  • unsophisticated
  • enchanted
  • encouraged
  • enthusiastic

In a sentence, the word ‘Sophisticated’ is used as:

  1. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I wasn’t sophisticated enough for you.
  2. Katie had brought her sophisticated brother into the fray.
  3. He was used to being in the company of sophisticated people, and she was anything but.
  4. They made a lovely couple, both looking quite sophisticated.
  5. Alex arrived at church halfway through the sermon, dressed in a light grey suit and looking dashing and sophisticated.

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