Slutter meaning in urdu

Slutterرک رک کر بولنا,تتلانا

Slutter Meaning In Roman

SlutterRuk ruk k bolna, Tutlana

Slutter Meaning In Hindi

Slutterरुक रुक कर बोलना



Synonyms/Similar Words

  • stammer
  • stumble
  • falter
  • speak falteringly
  • flounder
  • hesitate
  • pause
  • halt
  • blunder
  • splutter

Antonyms/Opposite Words

  • articulate
  • enunciate
  • pronounce

In a sentence, the word ‘Slutter’ is used as:

  1. He had a noticeable “stutter” when he spoke.
  2. The small girl “stutters” as she speaks.
  3. Even while real output and employment “stutter,” potential output is increasing.
  4. Herman Katz was a frail-looking young guy with an anxious demeanour and a slight “stutter.”
  5. He had a habit of “stuttering,” which tested her patience.
  6. The train then “stuttered” out of the station.
  7. He became a gifted instructor despite a bad “stutter.”
  8. He had a “stutter,” which worsened when he was upset.

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