Slippage Meaning in Urdu

Slippageکھسک ، سرک ، کھسک کی مُقدار

Slippage Meaning In Roman Urdu

SlippageKhisakna, Phissalna

Slippage Meaning In Hindi




Synonyms/Similar Words of Slippage

  • blunder
  • error
  • goof
  • lapse
  • misstep
  • mistake
  • blooper
  • bungle
  • failure
  • fault

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Slippage


In a sentence, the word ‘Slippage’ is used as:

  1. Theoretically, this sluggish slippage has significant implications.
  2. The tiniest slippage could cause the project to be delayed.
  3. In support of the death sentence, polls reveal a slippage in support.
  4. Tack coarse-gauge chicken wire flush to the deck to prevent slippage.
  5. The government’s policies have seen some slippage in favour.
  6. Due to two circumstances, we may see some slippage in the schedule.
  7. The apparatus’ minds are blown by the catastrophic slippage in public regard.
  8. Government revenue and spending predictions can be thrown out of whack with just a minor slippage.

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