Scrap Meaning in Urdu

Scrapکَباڑ, رَدّی, ٹکڑا

Scrap Meaning In Roman Urdu

ScrapKabar, Raddi

Scrap Meaning In Hindi

Scrapमलबा, कचरा



Synonyms/Similar Words of Scrap

  • fragment
  • piece
  • bit
  • offcut
  • oddment
  • snippet
  • snip
  • tatter

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Scrap

  • lot
  • whole

In a sentence, the word ‘Scrap’ is used as:

  1. Every scrap of evidence will be sifted.
  2. There isn’t a single scrap of proof.
  3. Do you have any scrap iron lying around?
  4. On a scrap of paper, he scribbled his address.
  5. The old trucks were scrap and sold as scrap metal.
  6. The assertion hasn’t a scrap of truth in it.
  7. Food is grown on every scrap of land available.
  8. She makes sculptures from scrap materials.
  9. They’ll take any scrap of data they can acquire.
  10. A magnet separates the trash from the scrap iron.
  11. Her handbag contained a crumpled scrap of paper.
  12. On a scrap of paper, she scribbled his phone number.
  13. In Dad’s workplace, there’s usually a mountain of scrap paper.

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