Procurement Meaning in Urdu

Procurementکسی چیز کو حاصل کرنے یا حاصل کرنے کا عمل۔

Procurement Meaning In Roman Urdu

ProcurementKisi Cheez Ko Hasil Karne Ka Amal.

Procurement Meaning In Hindi

Procurementकुछ प्राप्त करने या प्राप्त करने की क्रिया।



Synonyms/Similar Words of Procurement

  • accession
  • acquisition
  • obtainment
  • claiming
  • collaring
  • commandeering
  • confiscation

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Procurement

  • dispossession
  • relinquishment
  • surrendering
  • transferal
  • nonpossession

In a sentence, the word ‘Procurement’ is used as:

  1. Gardiner’s procurement pardoned the fourth, a musician named Marbeck.
  2. The study looked at procurement methods in both the private and public sectors.
  3. The groom would assemble a group of his best friends to assist him in the procurement of his bride, even if that meant going to war with her relatives!
  4. Adultery, extreme cruelty, fraud, abandonment for three years, gross neglect of duty, habitual drunkenness, a previous existing marriage, procurement of divorce without the state by one party, which continues marriage binding on the other, and imprisonment in a penitentiary are some of the grounds for divorce.
  5. He also wanted increased transparency in military procurement and the unification of military command and administration.

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