Pre poll rigging meaning in urdu

Pre poll riggingووٹنگ سے پہلے ہی دھاندلی

Pre poll rigging Meaning In Roman

Pre poll riggingVoting se pehle ki hui dhandhli

Pre poll rigging Meaning In Hindi

Pre poll riggingचुनाव पूर्व धांधली

Pre poll rigging


Synonyms/Similar Words

  • apparatus
  • equipment
  • implements

Antonyms/Opposite Words

  • bare
  • stripped
  • unfurnished

In a sentence, the word ‘Pre poll rigging’ is used as:

  1. All of these structures resemble massive ships, with gaping walls that seem like spars waiting to be rigged.
  2. For the ship’s rigging, he crouched on his heels, weaving an elaborate cat’s cradle of thread.
  3. I assisted myself, and when I was completed, I went up to the deck and began rigging.
  4. Consumer written reviews, on the other hand, are frequently more anecdotal than scientific, and are prone to rigging.
  5. Rigging and derigging procedures are typically passed down by word of mouth or self-taught.
  6. According to the report, inmates were tortured, tribunals were rigged, and the death sentence was used excessively.
  7. While I fought with rigging and sails, largely on the open deck, work was going on internally.
  8. I was against it, citing grounds from nuclear non proliferation courses.

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