Prayer rug Meaning in Urdu

Prayer rugجائے نماز / جانماز / مصلا

Prayer rug Meaning In Roman Urdu

Prayer rugJaye Namaz / Janamaz / Mussallah

Prayer rug Meaning In Hindi

Prayer rugपूजा करने की चटाई

Prayer rug


Synonyms/Similar Words of Prayer rug

  • prayer mat
  • corporal
  • Chrismal

In a sentence, the word ‘Prayer rug’ is used as:

  1. In the design of the prayer rug, decorations are not only vital, but they also have a profound sense of value.
  2. A paper prayer rug was included in one of the organization’s mailings, encouraging recipients to kneel and pray.
  3. The typical size of a prayer rug is 2.5×4 ft – 4×6 ft, large enough to kneel over the fringe on one end and bend down and place the head on the other.
  4. The 2250 inlaid rectangular tiles in the style of prayer rugs in the prayer hall are another unique element.
  5. They were used as prayer rugs at weddings.
  6. There were around 140 huge carpets and 115 *prayer rugs made, totaling over 48000 square feet.

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