Nephew Meaning in Urdu

Nephewبھتیجا, بھانجا

Nephew Meaning In Roman Urdu

NephewBhanja Ya Bhateeja

Nephew Meaning In Hindi




Synonyms/Similar Words of Nephew

  • agnate
  • aunt
  • blood
  • brother-in-law
  • cognate

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Nephew

In a sentence, the word ‘Nephew’ is used as:

  1. He was my friend’s nephew.
  2. He appointed his nephew to carry out his wishes.
  3. I observed my 2-year-old nephew chasing his puppy around the house.
  4. He offered some sound counsel to his bumbling nephew.
  5. Stanley, please come over and greet your nephew.
  6. He assigned the duty to his nephew.
  7. She made them spend the weekend with her nephew.
  8. Their nephew had disappeared and was assumed dead.
  9. He delegated the responsibility to his nephew.
  10. Gray was infected with smallpox through his nephew.

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