Lump sum Meaning in Urdu

Lump sumایک خاص وقت پر کی جانے والی واحد ادائیگی، کئی چھوٹی ادائیگیوں یا قسطوں کے برخلاف۔

Lump sum Meaning In Roman Urdu

Lump sumEk Khas Waqt Par Ki Janay Wali Wahid Adayegi.

Lump sum Meaning In Hindi

Lump sumकई छोटे भुगतानों या किश्तों के विपरीत, किसी विशेष समय पर किया गया एकल भुगतान।

Lump sum


Synonyms/Similar Words of Lump sum

  • round sum

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Lump sum

In a sentence, the word ‘Lump sum’ is used as:

  1. A pension can frequently be converted into a lump sum.
  2. He exchanged his pension for a lump sum.
  3. He converted his pension into a lump sum.
  4. When she retired, she was granted a lump sum.
  5. A lump sum of $2 million was included in her divorce settlement.
  6. In the event of my death, my wife would receive a guaranteed lump sum.
  7. The award will be in the form of a lump sum of up to $5000.

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