lemme meaning in Urdu

lemme – Let meمجھے کرنے دیجئے

lemme Meaning In Roman Urdu

lemmeMey krta hu ya dekhta hu

lemme Meaning In Hindi



Informal Word

Synonyms/Similar Words of twerking

  • caption.
  • description.
  • descriptor.
  • headline.
  • label.
  • legend.
  • rubric.

Antonyms/Opposite Words of twerking

  • deters
  • discourages

In a sentence, the word ‘twerking’ is used as:

  1. Lemme go! Lemme go! Lemme.
  2. Pages, and—here! Lemme show you.
  3. Lemme look for the summary….
  4. Come on, Ruthie, you can do it! Lemme have one.
  5. Will you Lemme buy you a drink?
  6. He said, “Lemme see that sword, Bub.”
  7. Lady, Lemme see what you’ve got in your hand.
  8. Lemme tell you, that must have been more than 80 miles away.

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