KEWL Meaning in Urdu

KEWL-Coolکول کے غیر معیاری ہجے

KEWL-Cool Meaning In Roman Urdu

KEWL-CoolCool Lafz Ki Gher Miyari Hijjay

KEWL-Cool Meaning In Hindi

KEWL-Coolकूल की गैर-मानक वर्तनी



Synonyms/Similar Words of Cool

  • chilly
  • cold
  • fresh
  • crisp
  • refreshing
  • parky
  • chill
  • invigorating
  • bracing
  • brisk
  • unheated
  • draughty
  • nippy

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Cool

  • warm
  • hot
  • enthusiastic
  • friendly

In a sentence, the word ‘Cool’ is used as:

  • The weather had turned hot, yet out on the patio beside the grill, there was a cool breeze.
  • She looked up at him, surprised, because it felt cool.
  • He chuckled and stroked her burning cheek with cool fingertips.
  • Desire swelled quickly in him, especially as he felt the cool tickling of her strength, the combination of cool energy and warm skin making his heart accelerate.
  • Connie reappeared with a cool moist rag, which she used to wipe Lisa’s cheeks and the back of her neck.
  • I suppose a stroll in the cool evening isn’t worth the risk of getting devoured by beasts?

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