Joke Meaning in Urdu

Jokeمخول, ہنسی مذاق

Joke Meaning In Roman Urdu

JokeMakhol, Hansi Mazak

Joke Meaning In Hindi

Jokeहंसी मजाक



Synonyms/Similar Words of Joke

  • antic
  • farce
  • gag
  • humor
  • laugh
  • one-liner
  • parody
  • prank

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Joke

  • seriousness
  • tragedy
  • work

In a sentence, the word ‘Joke’ is used as:

  1. I’m reached the end of the yellow brick road if what I’m witnessing isn’t a joke.
  2. They were all trying to make a joke out of it.
  3. Only he wouldn’t tell me what we were looking for, as if it was a joke and he didn’t want me to be scared.
  4. Whatever you do, Jackson, don’t make a joke about it.
  5. He smirked innocently and shrugged when she opened them, incredulous that Jackson had gotten away with his joke.
  6. After a little period of silence, the identical joke was repeated.
  7. He meant it to be a joke, but the memory it brought back was awful.
  8. He wasn’t about to disclose whatever the inside joke was, and she didn’t ask.

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