jinx Meaning in Urdu

jinxایک شخص یا چیز جو بدقسمتی لاتی ہے۔

jinx Meaning In Roman Urdu

jinxEk Shakhs Ya Cheez Jo Bad Qismati Lati Hai

jinx Meaning In Hindi

jinxवह व्यक्ति या वस्तु जो दुर्भाग्य लाती हो।



Synonyms/Similar Words of jinx

  • hex
  • charm
  • enchantment
  • hoodoo
  • nemesis
  • plague
  • spell
  • voodoo
  • black magic
  • evil eye

Antonyms/Opposite Words of jinx

  • advantage
  • benefit
  • boon
  • luck

In a sentence, the word ‘jinx’ is used as:

  1. Our team appears to have a jinx because we usually lose.
  2. The Trip jinx obstructs mobility rather than stopping it.
  3. This house must have a jinx on it. Everything is constantly a shambles.
  4. This pc has a jinx – it’s crashed three times already this morning!
  5. Juron tore the panel open, muttering some obscene exorcism to ward off the jinx.
  6. The team seemed to have overcome the jinx that has plagued them for months.
  7. Stan disliked thinking that way because he believed that overconfidence may jinx an operation.
  8. This car has a jinx on it/someone has put a jinx on it: it always gives me difficulties.
  9. Despite all the nonsense about being a jinx, she just brought me good fortune.

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