Hat trick Meaning in Urdu

Hat trickایک محدود مدت میں ایک ہی قسم کی تین کامیابیاں

Hat trick Meaning In Roman Urdu

Hat trickEk Mehdood Muddat m Ek Hi Qism Ki Teen Kamiyabian

Hat trick Meaning In Hindi

Hat trickसीमित अवधि के भीतर एक ही तरह की तीन सफलताएँ

Hat trick


Synonyms/Similar Words of Hat trick

  • three goals
  • three wins

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Hat trick

  • uncover
  • undeceive
  • undress
  • slip off

In a sentence, the word ‘Hat trick’ is used as:

  1. Goal! It’s a hat trick for Fowler!
  2. In the series’ final game, Saunders scored a hat trick.
  3. The other day, he scored a hat trick for Rotherham.
  4. Late in the first half, Wynalda nearly had a hat trick but chose to distribute the wealth instead.
  5. Johnny Boy Gomes contributed to this world-record-breaking hat trick.
  6. Few will forget Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney’s hat trick against Fenerbahce in his rookie season in 2004.
  7. Who can forget the Hat Trick against Liverpool?

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