Fandom Meaning in Urdu

Fandomکسی یا کسی چیز کے پرستار ہونے کی حالت یا حالت۔

Fandom Meaning In Roman Urdu

FandomKisi ko Ya kisi Cheez Ko Pasand Karna

Fandom Meaning In Hindi

Fandomकिसी के या किसी चीज का प्रशंसक होने की अवस्था या भाव।



Synonyms/Similar Words of Fandom

  • audience
  • cult
  • followership
  • following

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Fandom

  • community of anti-fans
  • community of haters
  • hatedom

In a sentence, the word ‘Fandom’ is used as:

  1. As a result, a culture of fandom, discussion, and companionship has emerged.
  2. Later, Mr. Geithner revised his comments, emphasising his enduring fandom for the greenback.
  3. Because they have moral authority, guts, and aspirations, as well as a fandom that believes in and supports them.
  4. Make a list of your top five favourite fics you’ve written, regardless of fandom or cause.
  5. It will look at how Japanese pop culture and animation fandom have influenced Chinese views on sexuality and queerness.
  6. After a trip through the Aquarium of the Americas, take a voyage through the history of the Harry Potter fandom.
  7. Because I come from a fandom background, I’ll try to bring out things that fans would find uncommon, remarkable, or just plain cool.

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