fabaceae Meaning in Urdu

fabaceaeدرختوں، جھاڑیوں، بیلوں اور جڑی بوٹیوں کا ایک بڑا کنبہ جس میں پھلیاں ہیں۔

fabaceae Meaning In Roman Urdu

fabaceaeEk Qism Ke Phool Or Jaribooti Jis M Phaliyan Lagi Hon.

fabaceae Meaning In Hindi

fabaceaeसेम की फली वाले पेड़ों, झाड़ियों, लताओं और जड़ी-बूटियों का एक बड़ा परिवार।


Name of a Person, Noun

Synonyms/Similar Words of fabaceae

  • legume family
  • family Leguminosae
  • family Fabaceae
  • pea family

Antonyms/Opposite Words of fabaceae

In a sentence, the word ‘fabaceae’ is used as:

  1. Second rank goes to the Fabaceae, or bean family.
  2. Flavonoids are abundant in this plant, as they are in other members of the Fabaceae family.
  3. Peltophorum pterocarpum, sometimes known as the Nontri tree, is a Fabaceae family tree.
  4. Boraginaceae, Asteraceae, and Fabaceae are the most common sources of pheromone precursors.
  5. The fruits are legumes, which belong to the family Fabaceae.
  6. Other members of the Fabaceae family display the same phenomena.
  7. The Sturt’s Desert Pea belongs to the Fabaceae family, subfamily Faboideae.
  8. Many other Fabaceae species respond to contact by rapidly closing their leaves.
  9. The genus belongs to the Fabaceae family of peas.
  10. Pulvina are found in the Fabaceae bean family and the Marantaceae prayer plant family.

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