Declutter meaning in Urdu

Declutterترتیب دینا

Declutter Meaning In Roman Urdu

DeclutterTarteeb dena

Declutter Meaning In Hindi




Synonyms/Similar Words of Declutter

  • organiseUK
  • organizeUS
  • tidy
  • reorder
  • sort
  • rearrange
  • reorganiseUK
  • reorganizeUS
  • unclutter
  • unjumble
  • dejunk

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Declutter

  • fill
  • clutter
  • load
  • clog
  • congest
  • fill up
  • overflow
  • pack
  • stuff
  • block
  • block up
  • clutter up

In a sentence, the word ‘Declutter’ is used as:

  1. I make an effort to declutter as much as I can, but it’s a never-ending battle.
  2. Get rid of the useless celebrity books that are accumulating dust on your shelf to declutter.
  3. It’s an excellent moment to declutter your life and goals.
  4. Instead, declutter your calendar, goals, and thinking.
  5. Meanwhile, delegate responsibilities, declutter, and simplify your calendar to reduce stress.
  6. The legendary last words of a magpie who keeps everything are to rationalise and declutter.
  7. This is the ideal time to consider how to declutter your home and your heart.
  8. Otherwise, clean, tidy, and declutter it as if it were another room.

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