Cummings Meaning in Urdu

Cummingsامریکی مصنف اپنی نوع نگاری کے لحاظ سے سنکی شاعری کے لیے مشہور ہیں (1894-1962)

Cummings Meaning In Roman Urdu

CummingsAmerica K Musannif Jo Apni Shayari Ki Waja Se Mashoor Hain.

Cummings Meaning In Hindi

Cummingsअमेरिकी लेखक अपनी टाइपोग्राफिक रूप से विलक्षण कविता (1894-1962) के लिए विख्यात



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In a sentence, the word ‘Cummings’ is used as:

  1. Cummings is a well-known representative of American experimental poets.
  2. Binner had botched the statement in such a way that Cummings felt mild disgust.
  3. Cummings went to the front many times and discovered the guys had bedded down.
  4. Hey, cummings, how long will it take you to get to Richmond?
  5. Mrs. Cummings has been an active member of the church for many years.
  6. There is a slight misunderstanding between Mr. Stillbrook, Gowing, Cummings, and myself.
  7. E. e. Cummings, the poet, spelled his name in small characters rather than capital letters.

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