Cadet College Jhelum Fee Structure

Cadet College Jhelum Fee Structure

If you want to get admission to a top-notch institution in Jhelum, Pakistan, you must have a basic knowledge of Cadet College Jhelum and its Fee structure. Read on to learn more about the admission process at Cadet College Jhelum. You can also check out the Cadet College Jhelum website for further details. The website displays the fee structure, entry test merit lists, and waiting lists.

Cadet College Jhelum

Cadet College Jhelum is a premier cadet college in Pakistan and is open for admissions from all parts of the country. Admission will be based on a written test, interview and intelligence test. The college will provide education, physical training, leadership, and other cadets to prepare them for professional colleges. Below is a list of the criteria for admission to Cadet College Jhelum.

Cadet College Jhelum Fee Structure

Cadet College Kallar Kahar

The Cadet College Kallar Kahar is one of the premier institutions for military education in Pakistan. The school has a residential format and emphasizes character building, leadership traits, and extra-curricular activities. Cadets can choose from various degree programs and apply online or by mail. Admissions usually open in January and May. Admissions are announced in newspapers, and students can submit original bank drafts and applications.

Admission to cadet college Jhelum Pakistan

Admission to cadet college Jhelum, Pakistan, is an important step if you plan to study in the country. The college is one of the largest public training institutions in Pakistan. Admission tests are conducted online. There are three levels of admission, junior, prep, and senior. The college has a strict admission policy, and students should be well-versed in the subjects they wish to study.

Fee structure of cadet college Jhelum Pakistan

The fee structure of cadet colleges varies widely. The amount payable is usually based on the number of months you attend. In some cases, you may be required to pay a larger amount if you miss a single month. For instance, the fees for the first ten days of the month may be higher than those of the rest. If you miss a single month, you may be charged a late fee of Rs. 100 per day. If you are late in paying the fee, your cadet will be expelled from the college and pay the entire admission fee again.

Famous alumni of cadet college Jhelum Pakistan

The prestigious Military College Jhelum was established in 1908 as the King George Royal Indian Military School and is now considered one of the prime institutions for the induction of young potential officers in the Pakistan Armed Forces. Though the cadets are subjected to rigorous training and routine, they consider their college life comparatively less stressful. The cadets regularly take up missions for reconnaissance, ensuring that the armed forces are well-equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

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