Bidirectional Meaning in Urdu

Bidirectionalدو سمتوں میں کام کرنا۔

Bidirectional Meaning In Roman Urdu

BidirectionalDo Tarfa, Ya Do Simton M Kam Karna

Bidirectional Meaning In Hindi

Bidirectionalदो दिशाओं में कार्य करना।



Synonyms/Similar Words of Bidirectional

  • two-way
  • shared
  • mutual
  • reciprocal

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Bidirectional

  • single
  • partisan
  • unilateral
  • simplex

In a sentence, the word ‘Bidirectional’ is used as:

  1. A six-foot bidirectional parallel printer cable was included with my unit, which was clearly a last-minute addition to the packaging.
  2. For grasses, a direct link between bidirectional reflectance and biomass can thus be established.
  3. The 7000 was simple to put up and configure, but you’ll need one of the new bi-directional parallel printer cables.
  4. Tucker attempted to disentangle the links between bidirectional reflectance ratios and biomass and productivity, respectively.
  5. Bidirectional triode thyristor; triac; gated switch.
  6. Some people read the sequence backwards, necessitating the use of bidirectional iterators.
  7. Low-voltage bidirectional RF/video switch with two dual SPST switches.

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