At Daggers Drawn meaning in urdu

At Daggers Drawnبد ترین عداوت ،دشمنی

At Daggers Drawn Meaning In Roman

At Daggers DrawnBadtareen Dushmani

At Daggers Drawn Meaning In Hindi

At Daggers Drawnजानी दुश्मन

At Daggers Drawn


Synonyms/Similar Words

  • disagree
  • oppose
  • reject
  • contradict
  • differ
  • react against
  • dissent
  • take issue with someone​/​something
  • contest

Antonyms/Opposite Words

In a sentence, the word ‘At Daggers Drawn’ is used as:

  1. For months, the two schools have been at daggers drawn. They’ve been in the title game ever since.
  2. For years, John and his father had been at daggers drawn. Nobody knows why they are so enraged with one another.
  3. The two countries are at daggers drawn over who gets to utilise the canal they share.
  4. The revolutionary software that will change their sector has the two companies at daggers drawn.
  5. The two adjacent countries have been at daggers drawn over the extraction of natural resources from the ocean on multiple occasions.

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