Anagnorisis Meaning in Urdu

Anagnorisisڈرامے کے پلاٹ کا وہ لمحہ جس میں ہیرو ایک ایسی دریافت کرتا ہے جو پہلے غیر واضح واقعات یا حالات کی وضاحت کرتا ہے۔

Anagnorisis Meaning In Roman Urdu

AnagnorisisKisis Bhi Drame Ka Woh Hissa Jis m Hero Ek Esi Wazahat Kare Jis Ka Kisi Ko Pata Na Ho.

Anagnorisis Meaning In Hindi

Anagnorisisनाटक के कथानक में वह क्षण जिसमें नायक एक ऐसी खोज करता है जो पहले से अस्पष्टीकृत घटनाओं या स्थितियों की व्याख्या करती है



Synonyms/Similar Words of Anagnorisis

  • discovery
  • wap
  • epiphany
  • anasoures
  • denouement
  • recognition
  • drop scene
  • confession

Antonyms/Opposite Words of Anagnorisis

  • answer
  • basis
  • certainty
  • clarification

  • explanation
  • explication
  • interpretation
  • key

In a sentence, the word ‘Anagnorisis’ is used as:

  1. I don’t mind if we’re duped into empathising with her, even sympathising with her, as long as we also get hamartia, hubris, and anagnorisis.
  2. She’s in the middle of discussing the concept of anagnorisis, the turning point of a tragedy when the protagonist comes to a pivotal realisation.
  3. His heroines never suffer actual anagnorisis since the moral flaw is always outside conspirators, not in themselves.
  4. For example, in one of his seminars, he suffers from anagnorisis while attempting to overcome his traumatic separation from Helen Baird.
  5. These paradigms of misbelieving fear and faith collide even more violently in Jesus’ passion than they did for Odysseus at his homecoming and anagnorisis.

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