Alcohol Denat Meaning In Urdu

Alcohol Denatشراب کو قومیت سے خارج کرنا

Alcohol Denat Meaning In Roman

Alcohol DenatSharab ko Qomiat se kharij karna

Alcohol Denat Meaning In Hindi

Alcohol Denatमदिरा को विकृत करना



Synonyms/Similar Words

  • inebriant
  • intoxicant
  • aqua vitae
  • ardent spirits
  • booze
  • bottle
  • drink
  • firewater
  • grog
  • hooch

Antonyms/Opposite Words

  • teetotaler
  • nonalcoholic
  • on the wagon

In a sentence, the word Alcohol is used as:

  1. The body reacts to alcohol in a significant way.
  2. On school grounds, alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  3. Alcohol severely reduces the drug’s effectiveness.
  4. I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol.
  5. It is against the law to sell alcohol to minors.
  6. It is illegal to sell cigarettes or alcohol.

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