Adulthood Age According To Pakistan Law?

Adulthood Age According To Pakistan Law = 18 Years

Adulthood Age According To Pakistan Law

Adulthood Age in Pakistani Law

Pakistan has two options: increase the legal age for marriage, or raise the adulthood age. Both have pros and cons, but it is important to note that the current law is unconstitutional and ineffective. It allows young girls to marry at a very early age and restricts them from their freedoms as adults. A child who marries before 18 cannot be legally married in Pakistan.

Pakistan law treats male and female children equally, except that few regulations define a female child under the age of eighteen. However, many Islamic laws do lower the age of a female child to that of puberty. These non-codified laws keep the distinction between male and feminine. This is particularly important when determining the minimum age for marriage. It is also crucial to note that Pakistan has no legal definition of adulthood.

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