ad valorem meaning in Urdu

ad valoremمتعلقہ سامان یا لین دین کی تخمینی قیمت کے تناسب سے۔

ad valorem Meaning In Roman Urdu

ad valoremMutalliqa Saman Ya Len Den Ki Qeemat Ke Tanasub Se

ad valorem Meaning In Hindi

ad valoremसंबंधित माल या लेनदेन के अनुमानित मूल्य के अनुपात में।

ad valorem


Synonyms/Similar Words of ad valorem

  • ad val
  • to the tune of

Antonyms/Opposite Words of ad valorem

  • arbitrarily
  • disproportionately
  • incommensurately
  • inordinately

In a sentence, the word ‘ad valorem’ is used as:

  1. An ad valorem tariff of 8% was placed on all commodities imported into the Turkish empire under the previous commercial treaties, which lapsed about 1890 but were kept ” provisionally ” in force until one of the great powers agreed to set a term for the negotiation of new treaties.
  2. Since then, import duties have been collected at an ad valorem rate of 11% under the supervision of the Public Debt Administration, with bondholders having particular rights, as mentioned below, over any increase in revenue resulting from changes in commercial treaties.
  3. In April 1888, he reported the “Mills Bill” from his committee, which included reductions in duties on sugar, earthenware, glassware, plate glass, woollen goods, and other items, as well as the substitution of ad valorem for specific duties in many cases, and the inclusion of lumber (of certain kinds), hemp, wool, flax, borax, tin plates, salt, and other items on the free list.

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